Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sullivan Fumbles?

Andrew Sullivan posted the following this morning:
The Argentina govenment has refused to hold high-level meetings with U.S. attorney-general, Alberto Gonzales. The reason? According to the government, refusing to meet with him "expressed its deep felt and firm policy of opposition to torture." Argentinians have a long and bitter history of governments that disappear and torture people. They know who Gonzales is and what he represents.
I'm not saying this isn't true, but Sullivan links to a Buenos Aires publication, Pagina 12, that does not say this at all. Here is my translation of what they're reporting:
Yesterday, the Executive Director of CELS, Gaston Chillier, gave President Nestor Kirchner a letter asking that the Argentine Government expressly reaffirm its policy against torture to the visiting delegation
I have no idea what CELS is. I e-mailed Andrew hoping to get a clarification, but I've gotten no response and seen no correction posted. As of now, Google News has no confirmation from a major news organization. Other sites like HuffPost are linking to the post.

Maybe Andrew has this nailed, but as of now I'm skeptical.

UPDATE: Sullivan linked to the wrong page. Here it is. Apparently, Gonzales did meet with Minister-level functionaries but not President Kirchner.

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