Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hillary and the War

The braying about Hillary needing to say she's sorry for voting for the war goes on. Hillary is willing to say she was misled. She is willing to say she wouldn't have taken us to war. But she is not willing to say she made a mistake. With the volume where it is, I think eventually she will break down and say the words.

Frankly, at this stage I don't care. This isn't about how she feels now. It's not even about her judgement then. I actually believe her when she says she wouldn't have taken the country to war. That's what bothers me. She couldn't have believed Bush was actually going to use the resolution as leverage to sue for peace... she is not a stupid woman. What she thought -- correctly, perhaps -- is that the United States would never elect a woman who was soft on a big national security vote.

It's not about the vote, it's about what the vote says about her. If you're willing to compromise yourself on an issue of life and death, then there is nothing you are not willing to compromise.

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Political Realm said...

Hillary is very pragmatic. She did was she thought was necessary to win her the presidency in 2008.

I agree that she wouldn't have taken us into Iraq if she had been president then. This is probably also true of most Democrats and a large group of Republicans.

And it is stupid for them to claim ignorance that Bush would use their approval to go to war. That was obviously the case then.