Friday, March 2, 2007

Way Kooky

Via Andrew Sullivan, I see this poll of 63 right-wing blogs. Look at the answer to this question:

Do you think mankind is the primary cause of global warming?
Yes (0) -- 0%
No (59) -- 100%

This is a useful exhibit in the case for the complete ideological calcification of the American right. Why should they disbelieve anthropogenic global warming, despite the nearly complete scientific consensus that has grown around it? Because the marketplace alone cannot solve this problem; you'd need to resort to government regulation and international cooperation. If you don't like the solution, pretend there is no problem.

Now granted, as Andrew points out, right-wing blogs are to the right of mainstream Republicanism. But they are, I believe, representative of the activist heart of the GOP. It is a heart which has been wrung of every drop of pragmatism and shaded thinking it ever had.

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