Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wagstradamus Predicts!

Ten predictions for 2007:
1. The economy attains a soft landing, but the housing issue lingers and prevents a new takeoff.
2. The bloodiest month on record in Iraq happens in the spring, as the U.S. military takes on two fronts: the Sunnis and the Madhi army.
3. By the end of the year, Republican moderates arrange an 'intervention' with President Bush on Iraq.
4. Health problems muddy John McCain's prospects for the nomination.
5. Mike Huckabee emerges as a dark horse candidate for the Republican nomination.
6. By the end of the year Hillary is no longer the front-runner for the Democratic nomination. Her opponents have had a fundraising bonanza on the internet, neutralizing her advantage. Name-recognition is no longer enough to lead the polls. Most critically, her tedious speaking style is exposed -- and seems even more boring when compared to two of the most charismatic pols in the country, Obama and Edwards.
7. The Spurs win the 2007 NBA Championship. Mark Cuban flips out completely.
8. Apple releases the iPhone, iTV, the Leopard OS, and introduces Blu-Ray compatibility in their professional desktop machines. All products are rapturously reviewed but their real hit is a strategic partnership with Google in online video.
9. Forest Whitaker, Helen Mirren and (finally!) Martin Scorsese win Academy Awards.
10, Ratatouille and The Rise of the Silver Surfer are the movie hits of the summer.

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