Saturday, December 2, 2006

DeVito on the View

By now you might have already seen this clip of Danny DeVito on The View.

I'm outraged about the outrage. The Post and the Daily News were moved to use the same sneering pun -- Danny DeVino -- showing that mediocre minds also think alike. Press flacks had to work overtime to spread word of Danny's remorse. Barbara Walters was said to be upset; poor Danny had to call her to apologize.

Please tell me, what is the sin? Is it making great television on a program like The View? Is it poking silly fun at our Dear Leader? (Actually, when the President is Bush, making monkey faces counts as a cogent and intellectually rigorous satire.) Is it pulling down Lemoncellos with George Clooney all night? Is it enjoying sex with his wife? Is it almost forgetting to plug the silly Christmas movie he's in?

Danny DeVito should get thanks not finger-wags.

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