Friday, December 29, 2006

Bush Less Popular than Satan!

Beating out Osama for top villain of 2006 is bad enough, but actually trouncing Satan?
I suggest Satan hire Tony Snow to get his message across more effectively:
SNOW: The Prince of Darkness is very pleased with how things are going in Iraq.
DAVID GREGORY: But all the mayhem over there is because of Bush's invasion.
SNOW: Well, that's your partisan spin, David.
GREGORY: Partisan!?
SNOW: Sure, there are other bit players, but the Devil is the ultimate inspiration behind the carnage.
NORA O'DONNELL: How do you respond to the recent poll results?
SNOW: Look, we don't pay attention to polls here in hell. People might underestimate Satan's role now, but history will return him to his proper place among evil-doers.
HELEN THOMAS: Did Satan take a week-long nap while an American city went under water?
SNOW: (Sighs heavily, then exasperated... ) Satan sent the damn hurricane!
VOICE FROM THE BACK: I thought that was global warming.
(Snow throws his papers in the air and staggers off.)

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