Monday, November 20, 2006

Why Make an Animated Short?

One of the things I'd like to do on this blog is chart the progress of the animated short I'm working on, La Seduzione. Perhaps the first question to tackle is why I am making it to begin with.

In the romantic imagination an artist isn't motivated... he is possessed. Inner demons (or angels) compel him to create, and nothing -- not hunger or sickness or the cold indifference of the world -- can prevent him from doing so. Right. (My first instinct is to insert that bit of sarcasm, but there are people like that -- and I do sort of envy them.) The more jaundiced view is how Samuel Johnson saw his craft: "No man but a blockhead wrote except for money." Good for you, Mr. Johnson. Personally, I've long since stopped judging my motivations, or other people's. There is no bad reason to create: money, fame, food, sex, the exaltation of God, or just plain fun... if it works it works.

The most honest answer to why I'm making La Seduzione is because I'm happiest when I'm working on a project which I conceive myself and where I have final say on all creative decisions. However, there are other rationales (or maybe rationalizations) that I need to uphold before I can commit the enormous amount of time necessary to complete a project like this. They are these: it will improve my skills in 3D animation; and it will hopefully be a good portfolio piece, exhibiting and promoting those abilities. There. With the pragmatist in me satisfied that I'm not doing something too stupid, I can go ahead and play for a few months.

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