Monday, November 27, 2006

The Veil Is Lifted

When I began this blog I was somewhat hesitant about revealing my identity on it. I'm pretty sure all of my multitudinous half-dozen or so readers know who I am, but I do link to here from some political sites I comment on, and my fear had always been that some right-wing wacko whom I had served a little too much snark to would hunt me down and shoot me.

I've realized, however, that one of the therapeutic effects of this blog is that it forces me to show the same face to everyone: friends of different stripes, family, business associates. Like perhaps most people, I had projected slightly different images to different groups in my life -- depending perhaps on what I thought they expected of me. This blog says: this is who I am and this is what I think. That act isn't complete unless I say my name. It's William Gadea. Everyone calls me Will.

And by the way, I just updated my professional website. You can see the animated short I recently finished over there: it's called SuperMadge.

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