Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Last Illusionist Locket Post?

Most of the traffic I get on this blog is because of a single post: my March piece on how to build the locket from the Illusionist. Of course, I didn't really show how to build it... I just showed how it theoretically could be built in 3D animation. Many enterprising souls came up with more workable plans than I did, such as The Mechanical Philosopher, and now I notice that some people have actually built the thing. Here's Jane from The Cranitorium and Evadedia's blog. Both have videos of their completed lockets, and Evadedia -- who spent 3 days building hers -- is now selling it on Ebay.

Congratulations, people! It's been fascinating being part of weird worldwide subculture that has been hypnotized by a prop they saw in a movie.


Evadedia said...

Hello Wagster!!!! Thank you very much!!! I'm very happy with your article :-).

Sorry for my english! Soy de espaƱa y de verdad, muchas gracias.


Eva (Evadedia)

lumpenprole#3264 said...

you get other traffic here too!!!

(aka catchy)

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